New VA Hospital Rankings Show Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Memphis Still Suck.

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New Ranking, same dismal report. In case you missed it, in Sept 2017 USA Today reported the following about the Memphis VA:

A veteran with diabetes and poor circulation checked into the Memphis VA Medical Center for a scan and possible repair of blood vessels in his right leg last year, but he ended up with a piece of plastic packaging that VA providers had mistakenly embedded in a critical artery.

and also this …

After her husband, Vietnam veteran Charles I. Davis, collapsed on the kitchen floor in their Atoka, Tenn., home in 2015, an MRI scan showed he had a tumor in his neck. She said when she asked doctors to check a scan taken at the Veterans Affairs the previous year, they found the tumor had been visible but VA clinicians had failed to diagnosis it. By the time they caught it, the tumor had damaged his spine and he is now paralyzed.

Some of the other stories you might remember:

  • Marion, where significant declines in patient safety culture and reported deaths prompted an investigation earlier this year.
  • Washington, D.C., where investigators found surgical shortfalls earlier this year that placed veterans in imminent danger.
  • Manchester, N.H., where The Boston Globe revealed dangerous conditions in July, including a fly-infested operating room and canceled surgeries.


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