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Need advice. I do not have anyone helping me at this time with filing a PTSD/MST claim. I do have a VSO appt. at a local vet center in a week or so. In the meantime from what I have read you need three things to file a MST claim. 1. evidence (I have police report…check). 2. PTSD diagnosis, but you can also claim other conditions such as anxiety and depression etc…(right?). 3. Nexus letter.
Please correct or add to anything above if I am missing something.
My question today, is that although I just starting going to a civilian therapist a few months ago I have not disclosed my MST and have only talked about my daily anxiety, panic attacks etc….trying to deal with the problem without talking about the problem I guess. When I decided to file a claim I thought I could start going to a VA mental health counselor to get therapy while at the same time getting diagnosed officially for my claim. At this time, I do not have a document or official diagnosis of PTSD as my therapist has not told me that. I did go to a therapist years ago who said I had PTSD, but she closed her practice and I cannot locate my records. I know or guess it would have been better to have this long history of therapy for my PTSD claim, but I don’t.
I ended up talking to a social worker at the VA last week who is the head of the MST dept. and although I fully intended to work with therapist there for my PTSD I am already not feeling good about working with the mental health staff there (without going into any details I just need to take another route).
My understanding is that I need the Nexus letter from a mental health person…right? Does the Nexus letter come from a C & P exam or can you have a civilian therapist write it?? If you can have your civilian therapist write it I figure I would disclose my MST to her and start working with her in therapy then ask her to write the Nexus letter. If I have up to a year to pull together my paperwork my therapist could write a letter a little further down the road once we discuss my issues related to my MST…right.
I think I read it’s best to go to a VA therapist to get a diagnosis and Nexus letter??… but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. If I understood what I read here…you may not need to have a C & P exam if you have the evidence and a Nexus letter…even if it’s from a civilian therapist…is that correct?
Anyways…sorry this email is all over the place, but hope it makes sense.
Thanks in advance for your feedback!!



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