No robbing topics

Haven’t been on much but I wanted to write this, for Andy, and for anyone else for that matter,  don’t throw in the towel.  Things get rough and seem hopeless but don’t give in, even if loved ones are the ones that are telling you to do so.  You will never get rid of that guilt and wonder,  ” what if I didn’t give in, wonder what….”   It’s a killer man, no joke, it will eat at your brain for the rest of your days.  I, myself, wonder about the would have, could have, should have and to be honest, I should have endured because I was right and just and especially when I had the evidence to support my contentions.    Don’t get me wrong if you need to compromise with the mrs then do so, just make sure it is for right reasons and for the best.  Long term best that is.  JMO