Notes altered

I have a question. My VA doctor wrote in my notes about a type of possible treatment about 6 months ago. I read the notes, and had an appointment the other day with this provider, and I brought up the notes about the treatment.  This doctor was absolute about not doing that treatment. Acting like no way. After the appointment I went online and checked myhealthevet notes. The notes were changed taking the treatment out, and was wrote that it is not available. So obvious!

I know that standard procedure is a provider will write an addendum on a note. I know a veteran can petition thru the Privacy FOIA Officer to have a doctor change the notes. The privacy officer said that if a doctor signs notes its final and they can’t go back in an change notes. It was changed does anyone know, if or how a provider can go in and change the notes? Maybe an Admin edit or their Chief Medical (supervisor) change it?