Overactive Bladder Reduction reasoning being current pregnancy

Hello, I am new to the forum and have been faced with an issue. Early December I was called to do a examination for my current condition of overactive bladder rating (40%). While at the appointment I disclosed to the examiner i was currently pregnant and no further questions were asked. The examiner stated a exam cannot be completed due to pregnancy and current rate will maintain until postpartum and new exam can be completed.

Fast forward to now I have received a letter stating my rate will be reduced to 0% due to not being able to complete an exam because I am pregnant and will be rescheduled for the future. 

How is this even possible? They did not ask any questions pertaining to the current condition and now are moving my rating to 0 because I am pregnant. 

Any advice is acceptable as I am clueless how this is even “fair”. I feel as if I am being punished for being pregnant and the Bladder issue is controlling my life now more than prior to pregnancy.