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Leo Shane talked about the passage of the PACT Act, which will expand health care benefits for veterans exposed to toxins during their military service.

Massive trash fires were used in Iraq and Afghanistan to eliminate a host of military waste, office waste, vehicle parts, human waste, some toxic chemicals, and pretty nasty things. They were used for years in both of those war zones. They were covered in jet fuel and burned to get rid of them. Some folks near the pits war some protective equipment, but those living in myspace breathed in the toxic smoke daily.

If there’s a high rate of respiratory illnesses, of rare cancers coming from these younger veterans, you know, 30, 40-year-olds who all of a sudden are developing brain cancer should not be getting that. So they believe there is a link. Here are some of the things burned in there that caused some of these serious illnesses.

“The Military Times” broke the story back in 2008. We have been going on this for 14 years, but trying to pin down exactly what was in the fires, who is getting sick in what areas, that has been really difficult for V.A. Congress is stepping in and saying, look, we have standards for clear, scientific links for toxins in the military and the benefits. 

In this case, the science is a little fuzzy. We can’t keep pushing these folks away and saying, “we can’t help you.” they are going to step in, create some presumptive illnesses, presumptive conditions, at they look if you are overseas and in Iraq, Afghanistan, we are going to start helping you out.

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