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  • tinnitus – How Tinnitus Affects Our Military Personnel – Tinnitus is a potentially devastating condition; its relentless noise is often an unwelcome reminder of war for many vets. The facts are disturbing:
    • Tinnitus is currently the number-one service-connected disability for veterans from all periods of service.
    • Since 2005, the number of veterans receiving service-connected disability for tinnitus has increased by at least 15 percent each year.
    • The total number of vets awarded disability compensation for tinnitus at the end of 2010 surpassed 744,000.
    • At this alarming rate, 2014 will see 1.5 million vets receiving military compensation for tinnitus, at a cost to American taxpayers of over $2.26 billion.

    Tinnitus is a growing problem for America’s military personnel. It threatens their futures with potential long-term sleep disruption, changes in cognitive ability, stress in relationships and employability challenges. These changes can be a blow to a vet’s self-worth.

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