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Possible “VA” vet scam?

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Minutes ago I got a call from VA Healthcare System , on the caller ID.

I had called the Bath NY VA this AM but the person I needed wasn’t there——the weekend crew could not help me.

The Bath VAMC #  is 607-664 4000- but all I could see was 607-664  – 5116, on the caller ID ,so I thought it was a VA extension number. 

It was a Robo call telling me they had overbilled me and to get my refund ,that would be on my Electric Bill, I had to press #1.

I hung up -these robo calls are a PITA!

I haven’t been a VA patient for years due to CHAMPVA. And what the heck does my electric bill have to do with VA?

I googled the number and it shows someone who lives in Bath.Somehow these scamm ers can steal a phone number and scam with it.

If I get 607 calls I think it is someone from my church- but often it is just a scam.

The NY State Police have had someone scamming them as well. Monday I will call them about it.We have enough problems – all of the schools in Steuben COunty are closing on Wednesday for 2 weeks , and that is followed by the Easter break, parents are always prepared for. It is probably a good idea ,due to Corona, but parents who work only have a few days to get someone to watch their school kids all day…. for 2 weeks. 







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