Privatizing the Veterans Affairs, one piece at a time…

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A Newsweek article this week “LI veterans groups worry about Veterans Affairs move to private care” raises concerns about creeping privatization, some might say stealth privatization.
As some may remember that in June of this year the VA surprised everyone including Congress when they said they running out of money for the program. They wanted to take more from other veterans programs to pay for it. After a couple of months of dog and pony they agreed to put more money towards improving existing facilities as well as CHOICE. Guess what? It’s Oct and they are running out of money again.
It’s possible they aren’t sneaking their way to privatizing the VA, but it looks it awful lot like they are.

Read the article:
“What scares a lot of veterans is the way they talk about getting rid of VA facilities, or of excess capacity in some areas,” said Kristofer Goldsmith, an Iraq War veteran and Bellmore native who is assistant director for policy and government relations for Vietnam Veterans of America. “Those fears of creeping privatization have not been allayed.”




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