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Proposed Cuts to the VA 2015

The first recommendation is to cut Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability (TDIU) payments to veterans over 65 years old.  TDIU is a benefit that attempts to compensate veterans who are unable to secure substantially gainful employment due to their service-connected disabilities.  These veterans have disabilities that do not add up to a 100% disability rating on their own, but are considered “totally disabled” due to the cumulative effect of these conditions on their ability to earn a livelihood.  There are many conditions that need to be met to receive TDIU and the term “substantially gainful occupation” is such vague regulatory language that it is always in play when this rating is being contemplated.  Suffice it to say for purposes of this discussion, TDIU helps disabled veterans who cannot sustain work above marginal employment due to their connected conditions. “

A single veteran receiving 100% disability receive $2,906.83 per month or $34,882.00 per year.
So then I had to figure out since we get net pay how much would the Gross rate be so I used a calculator on which gave me a gross figure of $45,787.67. Based on the information I found on the Census site the average median income between 2009 -2013 is $53,046.00. This is information is provided as a reference.


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