PTSD disability claims by vets tripled in the last decade

VA News

PTSD payouts now make up 22 percent of all veterans receiving compensation benefits from the department. That includes all age groups, not just veterans from the recent wars.

But lawmakers still worry that current VA rules may still be excluding thousands more veterans eligible for the disability payouts, which are tied to injuries suffered during military service.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.militarytimes.com

PTSD awareness has been successful in getting more veterans to admit they are suffering and asking for help. Better understood and more accepted in society than 20 years ago, veterans are more likely to seek medical, psychological and spiritual counseling  to assist them.

What we have to watch for is increasing numbers of veterans seeking assistance will also increase the number of veterans seeking compensation for PTSD. Sometimes when claim numbers go up, the VA and others start complaining that there are more malingers. However, this logic fails if you have spent a good amount of resources encouraging veterans to seek help which of course includes compensation.



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