Question for Ms Berta Widow changing Banks from P,R.

Ms Berta

I had an older  Veteran widow lady  96 years NEEDING TO CHANGE BANKS she just moved here from Puerto Rico

She needs to change Banks and of course her Routing # & new address From her new Bank,because this will be a different Bank located here Here In Ft Worth Tx. USA

She don’t know what  her late Husband Regional Office is or Address.?

I mention to them to  call the 1-800#   And Ask them..her granddaughter will call for her.

she don’t speak any English.

I also mention to my son if they call the 1-800# and the person can’t give a correct answer  I said just hang up and call the #again until you get some one that knows what information your wife Grandmother Needs.

She is my son wife GrandMother and she moved in with my son and his family.

I was thinking maybe her deceased Husband was a WAR WAR II  Veteran?

She is 96 and  gets around just fine  she is not disabled as for as we can see…she is a spanky lady  and smiles all the time.


was this the right thing to tell them?