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For Comp, unemployability must be a result of a service connected disability. Many times there’s ‘secondary to’ disabilities to DMII, such as peripheral nephropathy. These are a near ‘slam dunk’ if he has a diagnosis. I have little doubt his Schizophrenia was triggered by his service, I’d guess as a result of traumatic events in Vietnam. It would be incredible to suggest his being a rifleman in Vietnam had no part in the onset. I’m not being tongue in cheek or suggesting being ‘sneaky’ when I say the following: The VA sees only ‘PTSD’ in mental health, everything is viewed in terms of traumatic event(s) or fear of such. You must see what he’s currently diagnosed with as a result of this- Kinda like how a snowball gets bigger as it rolls down a hill. See if he has a Combat Action Badge (CAB), Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB) or qualifying medals listed on his DD214. If so, you simply file 21-0781 and put “CAB, see DD214”. If not, he’ll have to write out a statement of ‘Fear of Hostile activity’, and he’ll get a PTSD exam. Again, Schizophrenia is a manifestation of these events. Clinicians agree that it’s ‘triggered’ by stress during late teens/early twenties. It’s important to focus on those events, not the outcome of what they call Schizophrenia. Again, the VA only speaks in terms of PTSD, so schizophrenia is extremely difficult. You can get his current provider, if private, to fill out a PTSD Initial DBQ, instead of waiting for the VA to schedule an exam. I want to say there’s still guys that are incapacitated due to their Vietnam service- most don’t have Schizophrenia. His reaction was just worse.

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