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How to Get Your VA C-File

Veterans can obtain their VA C-File by requesting a copy from their local VA Regional Office.  Veterans submit VA Form 3288. This is a fillable form, Request for and Consent to Release of Information from Individual Records.

If you’re a veteran looking to obtain your VA C-File, you can request it at your local VA Regional Office. You’ll need to fill out the VA Form 3288, which authorizes information release from individual records.

Bear in mind that it could take some time for the file to arrive – if months go by and you still haven’t received yours, consider submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request. This allows individuals or groups to request documents from government agencies like the VA through websites like,, or via email at

Alternatively, if you visit your Regional Office in person, it’s possible that you may be able to view and get a copy of what’s on file on the same day, although electronic files will likely take longer to arrive. Finally, enlisting help from a legal representative could also smooth this process along on your behalf.

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