Restrictive Lung Disease w/ Outpatient Oxygen Therapy

Hello all!  I’m new here to the community and would like to ask a question.  I’m still active duty and will retire this Fall.  As a result, I’m submitting my VA claim now in the hopes that it will be completed upon my retirement.  One of my claims will be related to restrictive lung disease (likely attributed to obesity, though I did have exposure to burn pits in the first Gulf War and am on the VA’s burn pit registry).  I have been on outpatient oxygen therapy for almost two years now (have a prescription from my primary provider for an oxygen concentrator).  Specifically, I use it at night to supplement my CPAP therapy.  I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea over 6 years ago, and nearly 2 years ago had a sleep study completed at a state hospital which indicated my SPO2 levels were at 88% or below (while using the CPAP) for an hour and a half overnight.  The sleep doctor recommended I use oxygen (3 ml) in addition to my CPAP therapy.  My sleep and health has improved since.  My pulmonologist ruled out asthma, and my PFTs indicated mild restrictive lung disease; however, she also recommended oxygen therapy with my CPAP therapy.  Additionally, my pulmonologist indicated she believes the restrictive lung disease to be caused by my obesity.  I know I will receive 50% disability for the sleep apnea.  Will I receive 100% disability for the restrictive lung disease (requires outpatient oxygen therapy) even if it’s caused by my obesity (assuming service connection)?  Thanks in advance for your answers.