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I had knee surgery in 2014 and was approved for temporary 100%….I knew it would take awhile so I was not looking for the pay anytime soon but, after a year I started calling for a status and was told that my case was at DFAS for auditing….after 6 more months I called back and was told the same thing, so I contacted DFAS and was told that my package had completed auditing and was back at the VA June 2015.   When I checked my claim history on the e-benefits page, the claim submission date had been changed to June 2015 not, the original submission date somewhere around a year earlier.  Since that time when I check e-benefits page what I see is below:
Status of Your Claim Preparation for Notification
Submitted: 06/19/2015 (Retired Pay Adjustment)
Estimated Completion: 09/28/2016 – 03/19/2017
Representative for VA Claims: DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS
Current Status: Preparation for Notification
Your entire claim decision packet is prepared for mailing.
I have called and talked to several VA representatives over the months, and they all say no other documents are required this claim has been completed just awaiting mailing…is that normal?
Actually the last VA representative I spoke with said he did not know why this had not been paid because it should have been because the audit and review are complete, he suggested that I go to the regional office in Atlanta is this a good idea to get some action concerning this claim.   The Estimated Completion date for this claim has been extended to well over 18 months!

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