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Retroactive for temporary 100% claimed after earlier effective dates granted.

VA Disability

Back in August 2020, my HLR asking for earlier effective dates for several disabilities were granted. Some of these effective dates went all the way back to 2010, so I got a nice chunk of retroactive pay. I had back surgery in 2014, a left ankle surgery in 2015, and a revision surgery in 2016 from the left ankle surgery. Since I was not service connected for any of these disabilities at the time of the surgeries, I did not claim temporary 100%. They all ended up in the appeals process and were finally granted with effective dates well before the surgeries.

I just submitted new claims for temporary 100% for all 3 of these surgeries on December 15, 2020, and I see that the VA has already ordered exams. There are plenty of recent exams that they could go on from March 2020 when I had exams for these so they could be rated. 

I was just wondering if anyone had done this before. I would probably get a couple thousand dollars if all 3 are approved. That first left foot surgery was a long recover with a cast and a boot for several months.  



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