Retroactive Pay on Open Claim

Hi Hadit community,

I am looking to see if anyone has had payments for a claim that is still open, gathering evidence, and still has physicals and appointments yet to complete?

I received a VACP deposit this morning a little over 2k,

Submitted claim 11/2019 – 

Completed the 1st physical appt for hearing loss in early Feb 2021.

Still have a lot of items open which have yet to be addressed on this claim.

Did see the Retro Claim payment info on the va government site and waiting on the explanation letter.

But I am at a loss because I thought you didn’t get payments until a final decision was made on your claim?

Just wondering if they’ve just started paying what they’ve ruled so far while scheduling the other appointments? Or just shut it down with what looks to be 10% and not schedule any other appointments, while the site updates from open gathering evidence to ‘closed and final decision’? 

Which would be odd because there are clearly items that need to be addressed with appointments yet scheduled.

Thanks all.