Road to 100% my journey begins

VA Disability

So I have officially had enough from the VA. I’m going to start getting things in order to fight the battle for 100%. It was pointed out to me today that I have a couple of NSC’s that should be service connected. After putting my stuff into several rating calculators, I am currently at 91% (obviously rounded down to 90). I am an OIF/OEF veteran and they have my respiratory issues listed as NSC. For one of my deployments I lived and slept less than a hundred yards from a burn pit. My breathing problems began while deployed and I was examined for respiratory issues prior to discharge. My sleep apnea is also listed as NSC which I am thinking is secondary to my respiratory issues. I also have bilateral hearing loss that is NSC and that I know is service related. After all I was Marine Infantry. I will post more as I move along but any advice is greatly appreciated. My first step is to get a copy of all my records. The copies I had were flooded during hurricane Mathew when I lost my house.



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