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What is HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran?

ARM YOURSELF with the Education, knowledge, community, and tools you need to get the VA Disability you deserve more easily and faster than ever!

A fellowship of disabled Veterans Supporting you on your journey to get the VA Disability benefits not only you deserve but your family!

When you join hadit.com, you become a difference maker.

A difference maker is passionate about helping their fellow Veterans get the VA Disability benefits they deserve.

For those Veterans who have been underrated for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years, join us in taking a stand to ensure that does not happen again to another generation of Veterans!

We are on a Million Veteran mission. We want to educate 1 million Veterans on how to get the VA Disability Benefits they deserve.


8 Steps to Improve Your VA Disability Claim or Appeal

VA disability claim delayed for years, watch this video. Chris Attig has looked at 1000’s of C-Files and appeals, identified common mistakes that veterans make.


10 Tips to Help You Keep the VA C and P Exam in Perspective

The VA C and P Exam is not about convincing the Dr. your injury is service-related. It’s about letting them conduct their exam and come to their own conclusion.

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2022 VA Disability



VA Disability Payday for 2022




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Additional 100% Disabled Veteran Benefits

If you reach 100% P and T there are more benefits available to you. This is by no means an extensive list and we recommend…

A VA Disability Claims Benefits Raters



Be clear in VA Disability Claims. If VA needs to ask for clarification, it just slows the process.


Can I Work With 100% VA Disability? 100 Percent VA


Can I work if VA rated me at 100%? It’s a legitimate question and an unsatisfying answer – It Depends.


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10 + 50 = 50 and other VA math mysteries explained. VA Math It’s Not Your Mother’s Arithmetic “VA Math” is the way that the VA computes combined impairment ratings for multiple conditions in a Veteran’s compensation benefits claim – and it requires that you unlearn real math…

VA Math It’s Not Your Mother’s Arithmetic

If you have multiple service-connected conditions — VA will combine them using a process called VA Math. 

Chris Attig of the popular Veterans Law Blog explains it.

Since 2007, the Veterans Law Blog teaches what others keep secret.

The Easy Way to Do Combined Ratings.

VA starts with the premise that every veteran is 100 percent efficient, or not disabled. 

Success Stories

I donated today because you helped me by having such a great website. After reading your history this morning in the e-mail that was sent, I learned you are a smart and caring person.

Joe MarkellJoe Markell

When I departed the service in the 1990’s, I used local VSOs & blindly trusted their guidance. After years of appeals, I finally received at 40% rating and felt it was a long overdue relief.


I would like to thank everyone for their input on my particular clam, I was able to pull up my eBenefits account & I have received a favorable rating. It has been a very hard journey & one

Army MajorArmy Major

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