Secondary claims at the Regional office

I am considering filing a claim for Fibromyalgia on a secondary basis. I will have substantial evidence including:

1. IMO/Nexus from Rheumatologist relating FM secondary to my  SC disability. 

2. Lay evidence from a Chiropractor. This will state I have been a patient with musculoskeletal issues for several years. I look for the RO to ignore this and not even review it. 

3. I will have additional evidence as well. 


My fear is that even though I have my eggs in a basket that the VA will send me to a C&P examiner that needs to meet their quota for rejects regardless of pending evidence. 

If this is the case will the RO then ignore the IMO/Nexus from my Rheumatologist and deflect like they are known to do? Has anyone had any experience with this or any secondary issue? 

I am trying to avoid a 6 to 8 year process. Thanks