Secondary Conditions in VA Disability Claims

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When was he DX’d with SA (? OSA CSA or MSA?)? He was Denied Direct SC, you didn’t file as Secondary to his CAD DX? He applied for non s/c OSA and was denied. Different decision. I tried to keep the issues separate and the letter denying % for OSA stated that there might be an increase in his heart condition and also told him to apply for an increase. — It looks like he’s currently 60% SC for CAD, in my lay opinion. As a CAD Quad Bi-pass myself, the whole deconditioning aspect of his estimated Mets is understandable. Normally when the VA or Non-VA clinicians do a Nuc Stress Test, where the Vet has Cardio Deconditioning a chemical is used to increase the heart rate, eliminating the need for the treadmill. Yes he is 60%. —– It’s 3/15/17, what have you filed regarding the recent 12/16 Decision? He filed the following as part of a request for reconsideration (this was a Notice at the top of the R4R): The RO did not follow the law regarding procedural safeguards when reducing the Veteran’s service-connected 100% disability evaluation rating in a December 2016 rating decision. Within 30 days of such rating decision and in January 2017, Veteran gave Notice under 38 U.S.C. 3.103(b)(4); 38 U.S.C. 3.103(c)(1); and 38 U.S.C. 3.103(d). Such Notice has been confirmed as received by the VA. —– What are your response date Deadlines? Dec 2017 for NOD for this specific issue but I already preserved the 30-days as shown in the previous paragraph above. ——– Thanks for your insight!
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