Separation Pay Hardship Request

So, my claims closed on the 2nd, and I got 100% P&T.  Yesterday and then today, I have been going on eBenifits and myVA to track my 3K retro.

Today when I logged in I see I have a claim pending starting on the 3rd. 

Separation Pay Hardship Request.

I did not make this request, but maybe the VFW did, or maybe the VA did.  Don’t know.

I do know, I did receive Separation Pay when I exited the Military of around $63,000.00.  And I do know they recouped around $47,000.00 or maybe 43K, not sure right now, after tax amount, before I received any VA compensation.  I basically went from 2009 till 2014 before I received any money into my bank account.

This new claim says “under review”, so your guess is as good as mine.

I am only 100% P&T for 2 days, lets not screw that up!,