Severe Menieres Disease, SAH grant?

I am service connected for Meniers disease and it has gotten progressively worse and worse to the point that I am wheelchair bound 100% of the time, which the VA has acknowledged by not only issuing my a back up second custom rigid wheelchair but my new primary care doctor unlike my old crappy one has noted it in my medical records that I am wheelchair bound 100% of the time.  I have come to realize that we need to buy or build a more accessible house, I am in my 40’s and this isn’t going to work for us much longer.   I need to hopefully be eligible for a SAH grant as well as a vehicle grant. Do I need one of my providers to say that I have essentially lost the use of my legs?  It is kind of weird situation honestly, I can’t walk unless you want to say someone who has had an insane amount of alcohol but can somehow stagger around is walking. I fell over 20 times in one month before we finally said enough is enough.  I also have psychogenic seizures which honestly are scary as heck.  I can’t be left alone any longer and NO we can’t apply for the caregiver program because wrong era. I am a Desert Storm era veteran.  Anyone go through this with a similar situation?  Those small grants aren’t even gonna come close to making a dent in a fully accessible home.  Thanks.