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Shulkin offers first glimpse at new VA Choice plan

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According to Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the department’s plan suggests a series of pilot programs that, from her perspective, sound like the proposals outlined in the VA Commission on Care’s 2016 “strawman” document. Critics of the commission’s draft document slammed the proposals as a push to privatize the department.

“Here’s what’s missing from the conversation: how you plan to actually build and strengthen the VA system for the long term,” she said. “You have not put forward a comprehensive plan to do some of the things that the VA really needs to do, [like] get more front line providers, increase appointments, expand services, build and upgrade facilities [and] bring more veterans into the system. Those, to me, are the things that you do if you’re trying to build and strengthen the VA system that we have, that veterans want.”

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