Single Judge Application; Murphy v. Wilkie , 983 F.3d 1313,1318 (Fed.Cir.2020)(endorsing Clemons and explaining that “VA shall afford lenity to a veteran’s filings that fail to enumerate precisely the disabilities included within the bounds of a claim,” which “is best accomplished by looking to the veteran’s reasonable expectations in filing the claim and the evidence developed in processing that claim”). The Board in this case did not engage in the analysis set forth in Clemons; Garner v.Tran ,___Vet.App.___,___,No.18-5865,2021 WL 266547,at *7 (Jan.26,2021)(explaining that focusing on the underlying cause of the claimed 9 disability “fails to illuminate”whether a service-connected disability results in any additional functional impairment associated with the claimed disability);

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DENIS MC DONOUGH , SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS ,APPELLEE . Before BARTLEY, Chief Judge . MEMORANDUM DECISION Note:Pursuant to U.S.Vet.App.R.30(a), this action may not be cited as precedent.

BARTLEY, Chief Judge :Veteran Antonio Fernando Love appeals through counsel an October 22,2019,Board of Veterans’Appeals (Board) decision denying service connection for tinnitus and degenerative disc disease (DDD)of the lumbar spine.Record (R.)at 5-12. 1 For the reasons that follow,the Court will set aside those portions of the October 2019 Board decision and remand the matters for further development,if necessary, and readjudication consistent with this decision. I.FACTS Mr.Love served on active duty in the U.S.Army from July 1979 to July 1982. 1961. In August 1981,he tore the medial meniscus in his left knee and underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair it.R. at 3476-77.He was granted service connection in August 2001 for a left knee 1 In the same decision,the Board reopened a previously denied claim for service connection for major depressive 6-8.Because that determination is favorable to the veteran,the Court will not disturb it. See Medrano v.Nicholson ,21 Vet.App.165,170 (2007)(“The Court is not permitted to reverse findings of fact favorable to a claimant made by the Board pursuant to its statutory authority.”). The Board also remanded claims for service connection for major depressivedisorder and entitlement to a disability evaluation in excess of 30%for a left