Still waiting on DRO to Certify my Appeal. Doing quite a bit of research and the DRO Review is not technically a De Novo review. So, let me just post the Legacy Process here:
Filed Claim 8/2013; Denied
NOD sent 12/2014
DRO Hearing Granted 2/2016
C&P Exam 4/2017
Rating Decision; 60% Combined 9/2017 EED 8/2013
NOD Sent; SSOC received…no go.
Form 9 sent 11/2017 Hearing box not checked; We selected Board Direct Review as this is fastest route
Waiting on DRO to Certify Appeal. Expected wait time is 623 days. My Appeal should be Certified within the next 4 to 5 months. At this step, there could be a DRO Grant, more exams or another SSOC.
Next would be Notice from Board with Docket Number followed by 90 day notice (window of time to submit new evidence to the Board). Estimated wait time from Appeal Certification is about 519 days.
Once the Appeal has reached an Administrative Law Judge, the decision would take approx. 5 to 6 months not counting time for Remand(s)
This is the Legacy Appeals process, as accurate and complete as I can determine. This is a guide for anyone in the Legacy Appeals Process. It is my intention to provide the most up to date information on this process. Good luck with your Appeal and I really encourage others to post their progress onto this thread. Thanks all!!

Author: Tbird


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