Sleep Apnea?? should I file?

I have been rated for TDIU P&T For the last 18 years and 8 months. concurrently BEING  PAID THE 100% 

I have a new Separate & distinct rating for PTSD AT 70% EED IS Nov 4th 2015.

I got the SMC-S with the 70% PTSD Rating..

 I have diagnose for Sleep Apnea  Due to my now PTSD   I was diagnose with it back in 2015  and did a VA Sleep Study   and was issued a C-Pap  necessary to use.  I been on this C-pap machine ever since  my Sleep Apnea Diagnosis. back  in 2015.

Ok should I file for the Sleep Apnea AND GET IT SERVICE CONNECTED to my PTSD as a Secondary condition.?

I realize there’s no more Money in it for me, but I’d be getting this service connected in case that’s what kills me?

to benefit my spouse for DIC.

I got about 28 months to go for my 100% P&T Rating  for the 20 year protection .

Any one have any suggestions?

I appreciate it.