SMP housebound

VA Disability

As many of you know there are “2” housebounds:
1. SMC S housebound. There are 2 ways to get here: Have a single 100 percent plus an additional 60 percent seperate and distinct from each other. OR, be “housebound in fact”, which means your are substantially confined to the premisis.
2. Pension (SMP) housebound. It sounds like there are 2 ways to get there, also, and are the same as above.
But wait..this does not make sense!!! Here is why:
Veterans are eligible for the greater of “compensation” or pension, but not both. So, if you have 100 percent “compensation” then you are not eligible for pension, because the greater amount is compensation. So, why do the regulations for SMP housebound include “100 percent” if that makes you ineligible for it???
Has anyone out there been rated 100 percent AND get SMP pension housbound???



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