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I’m looking into what is done at a neurology exam by SSDI. Apparently they set up this Dr. Fink and has been rated Best Neurologist in Delaware five times by Delaware Today Magazine so I’m glad he’s not some doctor just looking for an easy job. And now with this new seizure disorder I don’t even think I could work unless it’s found what causing it. Other then performing a mental RFC is there anything else at this exam to expect?
I’ll also be walking in there on the 30th with a neuropsych test from the 21st done by the coatesville PA VA and an MRI from DEc 3 that’s shows residuals still from my TBI 10 years ago. I’m not playing on claiming for retro just from my onset which was last Nov. 14. Who has here gone for SSDI on here for a mental disorder or a sTBI?
Retroactive date: incident that is the basis for increase was within one year of separation, claim was not filed within one year of separation
Effective date and missing condition on claim


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