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Still Looking For That Unicorn

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The odds of receiving an adequate C&P exam are about as good as my chances of spotting a unicorn.
My recent claim was for erectile dysfunction, with a deformity, secondary to service connected anxiety and depression.
Been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds continuously for a decade.( citalopram, venlafaxine, alprazolam)
Told the examiner that I have no sex drive and this is shown in my VA treatment records, years before I filed a claim.
The examiner(female) stated on the DBQ that I requested that my penis and testicles not be examined.
That is not true.
On the etiology section of the DBQ, the examiner stated that I have hypogonadism.
She never checked my ” junk “, so how would she know if my balls have shrunk?
I’ve never had any diagnosis of hypogonadism.
I discussed at length my penile deformity.
None of my statements made it onto the DBQ.
I submitted two color photographs that show my penile deformity.
Asked the examiner if she would look at my photos.
She said she would.
I asked the examiner if she agreed that my penis is deformed, and she replied,” Yes.”
On the DBQ section for abnormalities, the examiner stated I have no deformity of the penis.
On the DBQ rationale section, the examiner opined that I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction prior to a diagnosis for anxiety and depression therefore it is less likely as not that my ED is related to my depression, anxiety disorders.
Not true.
VA was already prescribing anti-anxiety meds when I asked for help with ED.
My STRs(70s) show I went on sick call complaining of depression and insomnia.
Pencil whipped again.
The VA will never get better until there is transparency.
It is really shameful that vets are not allowed to record their C&P exams.
Then the shameful reality will come out, but that will be the day that I see the unicorn, frogs will fly, and money will grow on trees.



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