Superior Canal Dehiscence

Situation- I have been suffering from serious ringing in my ears for roughly the last decade or so along with very sensitive hearing. Among those symptoms, I have a slew of other issues that are currently unimportant to this post but some of my other issues were vertigo and occasional memory loss. After countless trips to the doctors, audiologists and ENT’s I was finally diagnosed with tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Claims for disability were filed and after a few battles, I was awarded 10% with hyperacusis and tinnitus combined but I was denied for the vertigo and memory loss.

After a few more years of testing for balance issues and dizziness, Cat Scans and MRI’s I now have a diagnoses of superior canal dehiscence. It is a pretty rare condition that is a royal pain in the butt to diagnose but here I am. 

Does anyone know how this is rated? I’ve read some articles that says it rates similar to Meniere’s Disease and Tullio’s Syndrome and yet read others that say it rates as simple hearing loss. Luckily I am able to show the onset of symptoms started during my last deployment with medical records so I don’t believe it should be an issue to service connect it.

I’m currently in the process of putting together a fully developed claim to submit. I’ll be adding all paperwork from all previous submissions for tinnitus, vertigo, hyperacusis and more to hopefully get it squared away. Lord willing it will be a large check coming from a few years of back payments.

Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.