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Tinnitus – VA Disability Claims


Tinnitus is the number one disability among veterans. According to Military.com, in 2015 over 150,000 veterans were diagnosed with tinnitus. On average, tinnitus affects at least one in every 10 American adults, and is experienced as a clicking, ringing, buzzing or hissing sound in the ears.

VA disability claims for noise-related hearing loss or tinnitus, there are certain things you’ll want to do to help your case:

  1. Provide detailed statements that explain the noise exposure you experienced during your military service.
  2. Cite the sources of the noise such as the machinery you used or the environment you worked in.
  3. Cite the duration of the exposure, and explain the type of hearing protection available for use (including no protection)

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Tinnitus BVA decisions from 2015 – 2017

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7 Steps to Proving VA Tinnitus Claims. – Veterans Law Blog

VA Tinnitus Claims (tinnitus is that incessant ringing in the ears that nearly every Veteran suffers from) are one of the most common VA Claims. And,VA Tinnitus Claims used to be one of the easiest to prove.

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Veterans With Symptoms of Noise Exposure Are Eligible for VA Disability Benefits

Noise-related hearing loss affects many people in the military. Over 250,000 service members reported some type of hearing loss after being redeployed from the Gulf War, and over 350,000 service personnel have reported symptoms of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing or humming sound or noise that comes from within the ear instead of a sound in the outside environment.

Tinnitus – it’s a brain malady…

Neuroscientists believe they have discovered your dysfunction. Or, more accurately, your neural mechanisms dysfunction. They “gate” noise controlling the noise and pain signals. You see. there are “circuit breakers” that should work, but are not. After an injury tinnitus can occur and sufferers experience phantom sounds. Veterans are exposed to some … Continue reading