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What does ‘privatization’ of Veterans Affairs really mean?

Giving veterans choices about their care is something we can all get behind. Dismantling VA in lieu of private care will hurt todays veterans and tomorrows veterans.
Lots of veterans have good solid reasons for hating the VA for medical care, and there are tons more that love their care.
For years they have talked about the great debt we are owed and the state of the art care we receive. It’s time for them to pay that debt and provide us the care they say we deserve.
Farming us out to private care may not be the best thing for veterans in the long term, though short term it may seem like a great solution.

“Our view is that Congress and the administration must fix what is wrong with the VA health care system — improve hiring authorities, expand and fix its aging infrastructure, improve access, customer service — and not just simply turn to the private sector when VA facilities are having problems,” said Carlos Fuentes, director of the National Legislative Service at Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“Community care is part of the solution, but not the only answer.”


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