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Sexual Assault Trauma Syndrome

Sexual Assault Trauma Syndrome


MST/Sexual Trauma Treatment Programs (Includes Women-Only Treatment Programs)

These are programs that focus on MST or sexual trauma.  This list includes all women-only treatment programs as of February 2013. You can discuss these programs – your eligibility, the referral process and what expenses are covered – with your Women Veterans Program Manager.  (Travel will be covered.)
Boston, MA (Brockton)
Women’s Integrated Treatment & Recovery ProgramBoston, MA (Jamaica Plain)
Women Veterans’ Therapeutic Transitional Residence Program (TRUST House)
Batavia, NY
Women Veterans’ Residential Program
VISN 3:  
Lyons, NJ
Women’s Treatment Unit
Salem, VA
Specialized Inpatient PTSD Treatment Program for Women Veterans
VISN 8:    ;
Bay Pines, FL
Center for Sexual Trauma Services
VISN 10:;
Cincinnati, OH
Women’s Residential PTSD Program
VISN 16:;
Houston, TX
Women’s Inpatient Specialty Environment of Recovery (WISER)
VISN 17:
Temple, TX
Trauma Recovery Treatment Center
VISN 19:
Sheridan, WY
Residential PTSD Program for Women
VISN 21:
Menlo Park, CA
Women’s Trauma Recovery Program
VISN 22:
Long Beach, CA
RENEW: Women’s Trauma Recovery Program (NOTE: housing is with local U.S. VETS program, through the VA’s Grants and Per Diem Program)
West Los Angeles, CA
Outpatient Women’s Clinic in conjunction with Domiciliary Residential  Rehabilitation and Treatment Program (Women’s L.I.F.E. Program)

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