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Atomic Veterans Deserve the New Commemorative Atomic Veterans Service Medal | hadit.com

Atomic Veterans Deserve the New Commemorative Atomic Veterans Service Medal | hadit.com

Veterans who worked in non-combat nuclear tests now may be eligible for a new medal. At the Department of Defense’s discretion, the “Atomic Veterans Medal” would be given to some of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who worked in non-combat nuclear tests.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will award a new Atomic Veterans Service Medal to those who participated in nuclear testing, clean-up after accidents, and other such endeavors.

The Atomic Veterans Service Medal honors veterans exposed to ionizing radiation during their military service. These veterans served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War. Read the Full Story Here

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49 Years after Vietnam – Surviving throat cancer in spite of VA bureaucracy.

George Geiger probably thought being shot down and wounded twice would be the most dangerous time of his life. Then he got the diagnosis of throat cancer and off George went to VA, no problem they said and sent him to receive his chemotherapy to a hospital only a mile from his home. He also needed radiation treatment, so naturally he wanted it at the same facility. It was close to his home if had a bad reaction to the radiation it would be much safer to be that close. Makes sense, right? VA denied him and told him he must got to the Atlanta VA an hour away or more. Thankfully, his local news got involved after recording an interview with George they uploaded to Youtube and then sent a link to VA, Within 24 hours, the VA approved treatment near his home.  Link to the full story below:

George Geiger served in Vietnam, gunfire shot down his helicopter six times. He was wounded twice.
Forty-nine years later, the 71-year-old Purple Heart recipient is fighting to survive throat cancer and the bureaucracy of the Veteran Health Administration to get appropriate treatment. Read the full story source: 11 Alive Atlanta


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