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Is there a number or email (preferably) for VES, QTC, or LHI.

The issue involves C&P exams performed by the contractors, but exams hasn’t been forwarded by the company.

Veteran had a C&P exam with VES on 1/12/21 for back condition (thoracic sprain syndrome).

He called PEGGY, however they didn’t see the uploaded exam.

VES is unvailable due to the power outages across Texas. He gets a message and extreme wait time on the phone.

I searched the issue and saw comments about exams being forwarded but not uploaded by the VA.

In addition, some members had conflicting statements about VES forwarding exam and Peggy stating the information hadn’t been received.

Are the contracting C&P examiners mandated to forward the exam in a set period of time?

Is there a email option to inquire if an exam has been completed and forwarded to the VA?



Is the VA.Gov appeals wait timeline accurate?

I have an appeal at the BVA from a claim I started in 2010. It was remanded and I had to do a C&P exam last summer. The current wait list says about 25,000 appeals are ahead of mine. It appears to be going down about 2000 a month. I figure that means mine should be at the front of the line in about 12 months from now. Do you know if this timeline thing on VA.gov is accurate? 

BVA Grant Wait time….

March 2010 claims filed 

2011 NOD 

Jan 8, 2019 BVA Judge

June 10 – 4 grants, 3 remands, 3 denials 

This whole wait is because the Atlanta RO couldn’t determine whether my husband, a SSG in 1st RGR BN ever served in combat for service connection. Baffles me to this day. Nonetheless, almost a decade into this I am finding that the retro for the grants will take at least another year or more. I am curious as to anyone who can shed some light on their experience and or timeline. 
We do not have a lawyer. The American Legion is who represented him. We were told law offices slow you down in the process by many veterans. The American Legion has sent his denials to a law firm that has contacted to help with that part of the BVA decision. We have contacted them to see if they have any insight to a timeline on the grant decisions and they said no. All leads resort back to the general Atlanta RO and they are never helpful. 
Thank you for taking your time to read this. 

AMA change in notification process

So on my threads about my first claim under AMA I stated I put this here to track time and the AMA process.
My claim for Voiding Dysfunction was filed on May 8 2019 and closed June 16th 2019 (according to VA.GOV)
so basically 36 days.
I was denied, and will start writing my NOD.
What is new besides the speed, is that on Ebenefits yesterday I noticed a new entry under my listed Disabilities.
It will be good for others to start tracking this to see if this remains the standard.
It was marked Pending Claims.
Today after visiting VA.Gov and seeing my claim closed I went to Ebennies and looked under Disabilities and the DENIED claims are already showing.
This is a change in process. It used to take some time to get Ebennies updated. usually at least 10 days.
today however, the day after VA.gov says the claim closed, I see the following
It will be good for others to start tracking this to see if this remains the standard
I am tagging in a few people who I know are active here and may have recent claims under AMA.
@Amazing Becky
hopefully you all will help track this change. It can alleviate some of the “wait time” stress as we look for the BBE in the mail. If you all see someone asking about processing time for a claim please ask them to track for this notification under Ebenefits Disability link.
Rated Disabilities
Related To
Effective Date
bilateral hearing loss
Service Connected
Service Connected
post traumatic stress disorder with bipolar II disorder (previously rated with major depressive disorder, psychotic features )
Service Connected
benign prostate hypertrophy
Not Service Connected
urinary incontinence
Not Service Connected
erectile dysfunction
Service Connected
benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Service Connected


Still waiting on DRO to Certify my Appeal. Doing quite a bit of research and the DRO Review is not technically a De Novo review. So, let me just post the Legacy Process here:
Filed Claim 8/2013; Denied
NOD sent 12/2014
DRO Hearing Granted 2/2016
C&P Exam 4/2017
Rating Decision; 60% Combined 9/2017 EED 8/2013
NOD Sent; SSOC received…no go.
Form 9 sent 11/2017 Hearing box not checked; We selected Board Direct Review as this is fastest route
Waiting on DRO to Certify Appeal. Expected wait time is 623 days. My Appeal should be Certified within the next 4 to 5 months. At this step, there could be a DRO Grant, more exams or another SSOC.
Next would be Notice from Board with Docket Number followed by 90 day notice (window of time to submit new evidence to the Board). Estimated wait time from Appeal Certification is about 519 days.
Once the Appeal has reached an Administrative Law Judge, the decision would take approx. 5 to 6 months not counting time for Remand(s)
This is the Legacy Appeals process, as accurate and complete as I can determine. This is a guide for anyone in the Legacy Appeals Process. It is my intention to provide the most up to date information on this process. Good luck with your Appeal and I really encourage others to post their progress onto this thread. Thanks all!!

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