VACP TREAS 310 Deposit? What Is It?

VACP TREAS 310 is a compensation payment. It may be that your disability compensation claim was granted, and the deposit made it to the bank before your letter arrived. It happens. To be on the safe side, wait for the letter confirming it. You can also call the VA at 800-827-1000. Or check e-Benefits. Once you log into e-Benefits, you can check your letters and see what percentage is listed.

Retroactive VA Disability Compensation Cash
You may be eligible for retroactive VA disability compensation cash if you were unable to work due to your service-connected disability.
  • VACP is for VA disability compensation or pension payment.
  • VAED is for GI Bill payments.
  • IRS is from Internal Revenue Service

I had a friend who waited forever for her claim to be decided for years and years. Then one day, she calls me and says she got a deposit for over $100k but hadn’t received any letter from VA yet. The VA letter came about a week later.


You must file a claim before you can see that deposit.

Are you wondering if I should file a claim?

Remember this, if you were to win your claim, VA will pay you retroactively from the date you filed the claim. The longer you wait to file, the more money you lose.

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not a Q but a STATEMENT about the power of an IMO/IME

im currently writing my award time frame and my success story for this Great Veterans Blog Information site.
but, in the mean time i want to stress and admit that all the others here stressed to me ,,,, if you get any type of small retro and believe your going further in your VA quest for benefits you deserve. please please,,, do your self a favor and save $2,500 and get an IMO/IME… it is the world of difference… if i can say that 1 of the 5 most important things ive learned here on this site is,,, the importance of realizing that a C and P exam will never get you there no matter your evidence. please take this advice and save up to get your imo/ime and then get your win from the VA.

Hypertention and PTSD

I filed a claim for an increase for my knee and shoulder as well as hypertension (high Blood Pressure) and PTSD. PTSD was granted and Hypertension denied because they said I didn’t have it in service, from what I have been reading Hypertension can be approved 2nd to PTSD. Since I was approved for PTSD I am wondering if I should file again for the hypertension (high Blood Pressure) or appeal the ruling on the denied claim? Any thoughts?

Back Pain

I have had back issue since 1981. Last week Thursday 13 Sept I re-injured my back and had terrible back pain. I finally called the VA Hospital Monday morning to get an appointment with my Primary care doctor and was told I cannot just call and get an appointment anytime I wanted one. I said what do you expect me to do, they said I would receive a call from the health nurse within two hours. I received a call and the nurse asked me some questions and then said I recommend you go to the Emergency room. I said what for this is not an emergency I just need to get a pain shot she said to me well my computer program says you should go to the nearest ER. I said you mean to tell me that you don’t know what I need to do that you use some generic computer program to ask the questions and made a decision? She answered again yes the computer says you need to go to the emergency room. I said well this is not an emergency and I would like an appointment with my PC doctor. I was told the PC nurse would call me in 2 hours, 4 hours later I called again and this time they told me I was told I would get a call within 72 hours… what the hell I said, what good does that do anyone….. On Tuesday morning I decided to make a trip to the ER. So I arrived at the ER at 6:45 AM. I was placed in a treatment room until 7:30 when a female doctor came in asked me a few questions and then said we will be giving you too shot, I said I know just like you always do when I have this problem. Funny thing is this Doctor never examined me and was in and out in less than 2 minutes, 15 minutes later the nurse came in I dropped my drawers and she gave me the two shots. I was feeling better in a matter of minutes. This is how you get treated by the Teague VA Medical Center in Temple Texas. I am still waiting for that phone call. What really makes me mad is why can’t a veteran call and get an appointment? Why must the doctor be the one to say when they can schedule you an appointment. Its not very often that I call for an issue. In fact its been 23 years since I had been to any emergency room. And this is the treatment Trump said he fixed my ass he hasn’t done anything for veterans….


So here is my story
– opted into RAMP on May 16
– on 08/01 went to pending decision approval
– On 08/09 went to pending decision. Approval.
Nothing out of the ordinary. So I get back from vacation in late aug and had a letter from the VA and a letter from the DAV
VA letter – my appeal was closed out because I opted into RAMP, took the VA a while but hey they sent me a letter nothing crazy.
DAV letter – showed all the appeals that I had filed on ramp as either denied or continued.
So now I call the DAV to find out if the letter was because the VA closed the appeal and the DAV just generated a letter, but I was assured that my RAMP appeal was denied and my claims will just stay the same. Now during this time on ebenefits have been bouncing around between phases.
Now on Sept 9 I get a letter from the DAV showing one of the four issues i had appealed through RAMP was denied (it was an earlier onset date) but the letter did not say anything about my other three issues. I call the DAV and they assure me that everything was denied. Now this whole time my completion date was supposed to be 9/21.
Well on 9/19 the completion dates move to 9/27 to 10/27. So I call the DAV again asking what’s going on – if they are going to deny it just get it done so I can file a new claim with all the evidence (Va test results and DBQs ) that will give me a higher rating. The DAV states that they will put a query in and find out why it hasn’t closed. I’m just done waiting. So this morning I check ebenefits and my low and behold it moves to prep for notification with a completion date of 9/22 – 9/24. I get on an hour ago and it’s back to pending decision approval with a stinking completion date of 10/27 to 11/27. I have never had a claim bounce from prep for notification back to pending decision approval. This stinking appeal has been crazy. Has anyone had anything like this happen? Anyway I just want a decision so I can move ona nd do what I need to do. I have enough evidence to win I’m just not sure what all this bouncing around is doing. Well good luck to everyone.

“Award returned to local VSR for correction”?

Hello, everyone! I’ve been on this site reading all the valuable information while I waited for my new claims to process. A local VSO initiated my intent to file, back in March of this year, and I brought in all of the requested documents for an appointment on July 11. This is when the file was formally submitted to the VA. I had two new claims. I was given two C&P appointments, for each issue…one in July, and the other in August. I called Peggy to find out the status, last Thursday, and I was told that my file had been updated that very day. It appeared there was a rating decision, but I would have to wait for the BBE to find out the details. I checked the site again, a few days later. I finally could see that I had been rated (at 70%) for one issue, but the second issue (bilateral pes planus) had been deferred. On Ebenefits, the entire claim, it appeared, went from “preparing for notification,” back to the “gathering evidence” stage. When I called for an explanation, I was told that it possibly needed another signature, but Peggy wasn’t for sure. Peggy also said that, according to the notes, there was nothing that the VA needed from me. Today, my Ebenefits account was updated, and it had new information. The new information was put under claim status as “Request 2: Award returned to local VSR for correction.” (I inserted a link below to a screenshot of my claim status.) Is anyone familiar with this issue and can explain what it means?
Screenshot of claim status

rate increase

I had a SC TKR 13 months ago. My ortho has told me to work on my straightning for at least 6 more months. At last appointment it was 10 to 15 degrees from straight. Knee is now rated AT 30%. Should I request an increase and also request the 100% ON A month to month for 6 more months. Also, my right Hip ( SC at 10% ) is giving me a fit. Have been getting shots for pain ( that helped a little ) today had the deep bone/muscle injection today. Should I also request an increase from 10% on that.

mental health exam and aid and attendance

Will the VA automatically consider SMC L if the outcome of my mental health exam indicates that I require regular care due to my memory issues? I’m currently smc s + k. The examiner indicated I met criteria for total social and occupational impairment and stated several times that my mental conditions (memory deficit, anxiety, and depression) requires my wife to taker care of my daily needs such as cooking, medicine management, finances, driving to appts, ect