TBI/PTSD info-these are 2 separate disabilities

VA Disability

Thanks for the info I’ve been mad since the day they did this. At my new C&P I said my TBI was a MVA and was a car defect i deployed 3 years after my TBI and coma. And my Adjustment disorder began before my TBI. So he said I’ll fix this I maybe can’t differentiate between what’s the occupational and social damage and figuring out what caused what more but they each do have their own symptoms and little at least 4 for each of the 3 disabilities. He did say that my PTSD is secondary to my AD and could have exacerbated it but that’s still a MH issue and will be just one rating anyways. My heads doing circles guessing what the rater will do I don’t know if it’s been assigned a rater yet. I have not done enough research but if each disability has each own symptoms but you can’t distinguish which is more damaging to your occupational more how will they be rated? I reallly don’t want to have to do another appeal …



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