TDIU Claim closed the day after “received”, 3 Months later?!?!?

I am very confused by what I am seeing on 

Has anyone seen these kinds of things happen and what were the outcomes? or your best guess?

Sequence of events:

Mar 2021 – Submitted IU package with Vocational Assessment etc.

Mar 2021 – Submitted FDC for Migraines

Mar 2021 – VA Accepted claims and combined them.  “closed” migraine claim.

April-May – C&P exams (None for Migraines)

Today – See Migraine Claim opened with yesterdays date for last updated / IU closed with date one day after submitted.

No other updates in ratings or letters.


(1) Could be the system is just catching up and I still have a shot at IU, but why would they now de-couple the migraine claim.  My original thought was they combined the two because the migraine claim would be moot if IU was approved.

or.. (2) They have denied the IU and have went back to processing the migraine claim?


Also, will VA still process new claims/increases when U have IU?