Tdiu Processing Time?

VA Disability

A long story so I will leave out much of it. But in 2008 I was raised to 70%. 50% PTSD and 20% gunshot wound, then in March 2009 They started paying me 80%. I have recieved no paperwork on this so am looking at the rating tables. I get $1547 a month which for a vet with a spouse is 80%

The DAV service rep assures me that this is the amount I should be recieveing and that the paperwork will show up someday.

After some prodding by friends I finally got around to filing for TDIU today 7/13/09. I’m wondering how long it will take to process this?? My last claim took a mere 10 years!!!

Also is TDIU a slam dunk at 80%? JIm

Author: Tbird


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