Temple VA abuse and corruption final report won’t be released citing ongoing investigation.

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You may recall in Nov. we shared with you  the article from the Austin American Statesman regarding Temple VA’s motor pool somewhat successful attempt at a fiefdom.
And so here we are weeks later and VA won’t release the final report on the abuse and corruption at the Temple VA. They say it would interfere with the OIG investigation which is ongoing. The Statesman requested a copy of the final report through FOIA but VA denied it sighting the ongoing investigation.

The newspaper requested the final version of the internal investigation through the Freedom of Information Act in October. But in a letter denying the request, VA privacy officials said release of the report would interfere with an ongoing investigation by the VA’s Office of Inspector General, which could result in criminal charges.
Those investigators are believed to be looking into the report’s findings that employees at the motor pool had funneled business to a small Killeen firm that the administrative board said made at least $400,000 by padding purchases with 30 percent surcharges. In all, the preliminary report found, more than $1.3 million was “funneled through” the business, Whitetail Industrial Parts and Service, in recent years.

“… Temple VA’s motor pool had a different idea about those programs and it didn’t have anything to do with veterans well being. Free labor that can’t complain is a boon to corrupt officials who were running their own little kingdom right there in the Temple VA motor pool. Free labor to deliver furniture to private homes of Veterans Affairs officials, car washes for Veterans Affairs employees and their family members.” Read my full comments here
Original Article on MyStatesman.com: Investigation finds corruption, intimidation at Temple Veterans Affairs campus

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