Temporary 100% Rating

I have had a 60 % rating, then in June 2019 I was diagnosed with an agressive prostate cancer. I then had proctectomy performed , but prostate cancer came back.  I have had 2 C&P’s since original 100  %  temp awarded and each time extended for 6 additional months. While waiting on the last C&P decision, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I recently had tumor removed and have filed new claim for AO bladder cancer. Between the 2 cancers, I can see the Temp 100% rating possibly being extended again a few times.  OR could they award me a permanent 100% rating because of the 2 cancer diagnosis at same time?  I may have the Temp rating at that time for over 3 years. I have other service connected that could request higher rating, hearing loss, diabetes, etc. But right now  don’t have energy for any more doctors, hospitals or paper work. Thanks for any guidance.