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The 15 minute 1 issue visit at the VA Medical Center

Tbird's Thoughts

My primary care doc is a PA, I’m not complaining about her. What I am complaining about today is policy. There is policy from what I understand from my PA, that appointments shouldn’t go over about 15 minutes and you can only discuss 1 issue at a time. If you have another issue, you have to make another appointment.

I realize there aren’t enough docs to take care of all the veterans, not my problem. I realize that they can’t spend much time with you because of their caseload, again, not my problem.
What I find most frustrating is the 1 issue visit, where I sit in the waiting room trying to triage myself, so I can ask about what I think is the most important issue.
I am blessed in that I don’t have many physical problems. I worry about our brothers and sisters who have a lot going on with their health and I am wondering if this 1 issue visit is happening at more than my VA.
Is there a shortage of doctors in the country? Or is there just a shortage of doctors in the VA? I am not a psychic, but even I could see at the beginning of the Afghanistan war that we were going to have a lot more veterans come into the system. Then the Iraq war and so I knew we would have even more.
So why at the beginning of the war did they not start hiring more doctors and training them up? Why didn’t they hire more raters so by the time the war was over they would have the experience and training they needed to handle the caseload, which is so backlogged, it makes the news at least once a week lately.
The VA motto “To Care For Him Who Shall Have Borne The Battle And For His Widow, And His Orphan” Abraham Lincoln
Those are powerful words, of course they lose some of the power if you add 1 issue and 15 minutes at a time.
Perhaps this 1 issue 15 minute visit is just my VA, it’s damn frustrating for many of our brothers and sisters.
I get that many that work at the VA think it’s a thankless job and it is a difficult job, I’m onboard with that. But hey we are veterans we know all about thankless difficult jobs. So there ladies and gents is my two-cents.


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