IMPORTANT UPDATE about HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran 

It Turns Out HadIt.com Is Not Dead Yet!


Content will start returning to HadIt.com in Jan 2023. Our community is open NOW and accepting New Members. Read without Register or Register for Free and Ask Your Question.

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After posting that the last day of hadit.com would be Dec 17, 2022, our membership rolled up their sleeves and jumped in to help problem solve.
We have Zoom Meetings on Saturdays between now and Jan 20, 2023
So far, the good news is that it is looking like HadIt.com can continue.
As far as me, I will still retire and I will gift the site to a non-profit that is being formed for that purpose.
We are still trying to fight various attacks on the site. Some of our content is currently offline. We are working on getting everything back to normal. 
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