The need to reform compensation for veterans with mental health disabilities

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In its 2008, Congress mandated that the armed forces follow the VA ratings schedule when determining soldiers’ status. In a sign of lawmakers’ concern over the military’s penchant for shortchanging its personnel, Congress took the additional step of establishing a special review board to assess the fairness and accuracy of post-9/11 disability ratings under 30 percent.

Unfortunately, one loophole remained, and it disproportionately hurts service members suffering from mental health impairments. When a condition is deemed serious but unstable, the armed forces can temporarily retire a member and then reevaluate their status within three years to make a final disposition. Temporary retirement cases are reviewed and rerated by the military, not the VA, meaning they are subject to the process as it existed before the aforementioned improvements. Often the military proposes to lower the initial disability rating, putting the onus on veterans to prove they are still sick.

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For veterans separating form Active Duty with a temporary medical retirement for mental health issues, more worries and stress in future evaluations. 



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