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Surprise PTSD Rating

I was rated Service Connected Disable for PTSD on August 21, 2012 @ 70%. I didn’t expect this at all. If anything, I thought I would get a low rating for my physical aliments…………(neck, back head shoulder).
When I applied in 11/2011, I had been out of work for 3 yrs and was totally distraught,confused and disoriented. Needless to say, I finally got a job in 02/12 and it is no where near what I use to do or the money I use to make. Read Full Thread | Search for more information on HadIt.com about PTSD claims.

Retroactive Back Pay

My claim is scheduled to close tomorrow for my backpay. Does anyone know if it does close how long till the backpay hits the bank? Also does information only get updated on our claims whenever the site is down? Read Full Post | When adding up your back pay use this chart of historical VA Disability Compensation rates

How Do I Prove Sleep Apnea is Service Connected?

I am planning on writing a Notice of Disagreement on my sleep apnea decision. The VA in their decision letter, did acknowledged that I do have sleep apnea and currently on a CPAP machine issued by the VA’s sleep center. So all of the conditions and treatment are concrete. However, and as usual, ” No evidence to support that sleep apnea was service connected “.
I am burned out with paperwork but is currently satisfy with my rating. Any suggestions on how I can respond and prove that it was service connected? Read Full Post4 Things Veterans Should Know about VA Sleep Apnea Disability Claims

Sleep Apnea Granted

My sleep apena claim, started in Oct 2011 has been approved. My contention was that my apnea is aggravated by my weight caused by inactivity and drugs used for depression and chronic pain. When I get the decision I will analyze it and its relevant notes for the decision to see if I can identify anything that might be helpful to others. I was not diagnosed before discharge with apnea, nor was I receiving treatment in service. I didn’t even get checked for it until September of last year, when a CPAP was issued. I’ve read so much on here about how difficult it is to get sleep apnea service connected, especially if you don’t have an in service finding. Here’s to hoping that my decision renders some insight into what their rationale was. Many others here and on VPN have tried to service connect apnea with varying degrees of success and failure, but the arrow seems to point more towards failure if there is no in service finding.
In True VA Fashion ™ it makes little sense. I submitted all sorts of documentation, because id read on here that it is such an uphill battle to get this service connected especially with no in service diagnosis. Read Full Post | VA Sleep Apnea Claims Ratings…the Rules are Changing

Low Back Disability Rating

had 6 weeks of doctor ordered bed rest within 12 months of military retirement and filing for disability. I felt that this met the criteria for intervertebral disk syndrome in that I have a bulging disk (L4-L5) and a herniated disk (L5-S1). The doctor’s clinical notes from the 2 weeks (01-15 APR 10) and the 4 weeks ( 10 MAY – 07 JUN 10) were turned in 4 times. During my Comp & Pen Exam, I asked the doctor if incapacitating episodes had any bearing on my rating. He did not want to talk about it. I had the C&P Exam narrative mailed to me. The question that pertained to incapacitating episodes was answered “about once per month”. I copied the notes (3rd submission) and faxed it to the VAMC deciding my claim. I sent the whole exam, with my corrections to all the mistakes, through my VSO with the VFW to the VA as well (4th time). I was rated 20% for my lumbar spine. The Web Automated Reference Material System (WARMS) states that 6 weeks incap/bedrest is 60%. I did get an overall rating of 90% and have been approved for Individual Unemployability. I don’t want to sound like a malcontent, but I really want this corrected. Should I appeal or file NOD for DRO? Perhaps I am misunderstanding something here. There is no way the rater missed this evidence, as it was highlighted in my file. Either I did not meet the criteria, or the VA deliberately ignored this. Any input would be appreciated. Read Full Post




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