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100% Rating Reduced To 40%


I live here in Central Texas near Fort Hood and was talking with a Vietnam Vet a Marine veteran who told me he got a letter from the Waco TX VA regional office saying that they purpose to reduce his disability from 100% un employable to 40% I was under the impression that 100% was permanent and total and would never change I myself am rated at 80% overall with my highest disability rating at 30% then others at 20% and 10% The DAV told me that I have to maintain that rating for 20 years before it becomes permanent and total according to 38 CFR they already tried to reduce one of my disabilities from 30% to 0% because they say during a recent exam the VA medical doctor an neurologist at the Temple TX VA hospital said tat me condition improved ?? I had to go back a submit civilian health report form my Tricare provider at Hillcrest Baptist medical center in Waco to overrule the incompetent C&P evaluator. Now it’s this kind red tape that needs to get to the Top people in Washington i.e. the President and the VA secretary and congress. But my primary question has to do with my Vietnam Vet friend that the VA is trying to screw. Thank You Jim Horak, TSgt USAF Chapter 61 Disability Retiree Belton Texas


Retroactive Back Pay

My claim is scheduled to close tomorrow for my back pay.

Does anyone know if it does close how long till the back-pay hits the bank?

Also does information only get updated on our claims whenever the site is down?


How Is Tinnitus Tested by The VA For Compensation Purposes?

I am trying to understand how I will be tested for tinnitus by the VA. I have a pending compensation claim for hearing loss and tinnitus (and a couple other things) that is in stage 5 (preparation for decision). I am now awaiting a C&P exam (I believe). I am already S/C for shoulder and lower back (20% total). How is tinnitus tested by the VA to receive the 10% rating? I served in OEF and have a Combat Action Badge (all on my DD214). I have hearing loss, but what happens if I pass as “normal” for hearing loss. I have occasional ringing in both ears from OEF (artillery/heavy machine guns/IED’s), and it has gotten worse over time. My tinnitus came later after I had separated from the US Army. I am trying to understand how I am tested for tinnitus to receive the 10%, even if I get 0% for hearing loss (which I have heard is very difficult to get above 0% for hearing loss). With my claim, I submitted my civilian primary care physician’s professional opinion that I could definitely have/probably do have hearing loss and tinnitus from combat. I have read/heard differing opinions, and I am just trying to find a straight answer to how tinnitus is tested for by the VA (since I see that some vets get 0% for hearing loss, but 10% for tinnitus). And what are my chances of getting the 10% for tinnitus even if I get 0% for hearing loss? Great, good, not good, etc.? Please help. Thank you.


How Do I Prove Sleep Apnea Was Service Connected?

I am planning on writing a Notice of Disagreement on my sleep apnea decision. The VA in their decision letter, did acknowledged that I do have sleep apnea and currently on a CPAP machine issued by the VA’s sleep center. So, all of the conditions and treatment are concrete. However, and as usual, ” No evidence to support that sleep apnea was service connected “.

I am burned out with paperwork but is currently satisfy with my rating.

Any suggestions on how I can respond and prove that it was service connected?


How Is Degenerative Disc Disease Rated?

Hello to everybody, I need to know how the Degenerative disc disease is rated and on my last C/P I was rated @ 10% My thoughts are if all they used were x-rays how accurate would the rating be? I have some MRI of my spine from 2006 that I am going to present for evidence in a claim. The MRI was done at my local hospital I have had a discectomy where they cleaned out the disc that was falling apart. I am no neurologist but I have Disc Disease in L3, L4, L5 and L5 S1 I know that it hurts me every day. Any advice from those of you cursed as I am with a bad back let them know. Should I wait a period of time before putting this or right now since the claim just came back? I told the fellow I would post it and find out. I look forward to anyone one who has been down this road.


Surprise 70% PTSD Rating; Now What Can I Do………….?!

I hope you can help me; not sure what I should do.

I was rated Service Connected Disable for PTSD on August 21, 2012 @ 70%. I didn’t expect this at all. If anything, I thought I would get a low rating for my physical aliments…………(neck, back head shoulder).

When I applied in 11/2011, I had been out of work for 3 yrs. and was totally distraught, confused and disoriented. Needless to say, I finally got a job in 02/12 and it is nowhere near what I use to do or the money I use to make.

I’d like to know what your advice would be for this:

I see where I do have serious social and economic problems and believe I am totally disabled & want to ask for 100% PTSD, Permanent and Total. I’m still on this job that wrecks my nerves, can’t stop the obsessive thoughts and wants to hurt people because I don’t work well with people at all. I took this week off because I couldn’t pull up the gumption to go back in there after the week, mentally.

What should I do; appeal my rating 1st and then apply for TDIU while working or do I go ahead and let the job go in order to apply for TDUI and then appeal the VA’s decision?


US Treasury 310 Direct Deposit Payment, What Is This?         

I have no idea what this is. I did a google search, I searched the forum, went to eBenefits and nothing. I did apply for Social Security. But hopefully it’s not. My back pay goes back to May 6, 2010. This would be a problem. I was granted a 100% disability with the VA but it’s the same story my back pay goes back so this amount would be incorrect. If anybody knows what this is please share your knowledge with the forum. This morning I saw the particular income in my bank statement “US TREASURY 310 by the sum of 4,780. Any insight would be great.


New Rulings on Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

I have heard that there is a new ruling out concerning presumption of service connection on hearing loss and tinnitus, can anyone provide info on this topic?

Thanks for any and all assistance.


Total and Permanent Disability

I am currently rated at 90% and have a question about the requirements for receiving total and permanent disability.

Do you have to not be working
to receive it? Is there a limit on how much you can earn? Do you have to be rated 100% to be eligible if you are still working? How do you apply? Any other information would be greatly appreciated!!


When Should I Expect to Receive My Retroactive Pay

 I just received an increased percentage rate from 40% to 70% w/ spouse 1 child, due to a CUE claim. I am owed retroactive pay from Sep 2011-present. My questions are: What is the average time to receive this back pay & approx. how much should I be expecting or how do I figure it out? I received a deposit for $88 from DFAS the other day, & the deposit comment says: RETSPCL. I have no idea what that means & why I’m getting a deposit. I read somewhere that military pay has to do an audit before the VA releases back pay. Could that deposit be something the military owed me from whatever audit they’re supposed to be doing? I just received my very first 70% monthly retirement & VA checks this month & those were correct. I just want to know if I’ll be waiting years for the back pay now.

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