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Brothers and Sisters –

The time has come for me to transition from HadIt.com. Creating and running the site for over 26 years has been my life’s work and passion. I treasure my interactions with each of you and take great joy in knowing how many veterans HadIt.com has helped.

HadIt.com is not going anywhere. As of February 2023, I have gifted HadIt.com to a Nonprofit that will take over the continued running of the site into the future. The nonprofit was created for this purpose.

Our member Rattler will take the lead as I withdraw from the day-to-day operations. Any decisions, membership issues, additions, refinements, etc., should be directed to him.
I will post on the forum items I come across that would be informative to the membership, and I will continue to post to My Swan Song, where I am writing short stories from my life.

The board members are:
Nonprofit Board
Rattler, President
Lemuel, Vice President of Finance
Theresa M. Aldrich “Tbird,” Vice President of IT

Here is a bit of history on how we got here:

What Happened

In 2022 someone started attacking HadIt.com’s ranking in the search engines and me personally.

Why Did This Happen

Who can read the thoughts of miscreants? Certainly not me.

I have come across a fair number of psychologically damaged people in my life. It does appear that the attack on the site was made by one of those types.

Remember that these psychologically impaired individuals tend to project their shortcomings on the object of their ire. That being said, I have proven my forthrightness and stability by creating and maintaining hadit.com for over 25 years, not to brag about my good deeds, never sitting behind a paywall, etc., just been there for you doing it day in and day out.

Building a website with nothing but an idea, a PTSD diagnosis, and a dream was not an easy task. In 1997 there weren’t any sites doing what I saw as a need in the veterans’ community.

Never a smooth ride, but always interesting. I learned a lot about VA Claims and shared that information with you. I created a community where you could share information and support one another.

HadIt.com has done that for 25 years. The site has always differed from many other sites in assisting veterans in the VA claims process.

There are many competitors now, and they all do their own thing. Everyone does things differently, and wherever you can get help is excellent. Some sites are author-centric. At HadIt.com, you were the hero. It was never about me. The average veteran was making a difference in another veteran’s life. That was the story of HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran.

This last year saw an unprecedented attack on the site.

Why? Who can read the mind of miscreants and psychologically damaged people? Not me.

This attack is designed to drive a site out of business. Generally speaking, it is challenging to discover who initiated the attack. Though, through a fluke, we may have had some luck.

Personal note. The person who did this knows I am a disabled veteran with severe PTSD and Major Depression. The site was my life’s work, and for whatever reason, they did this without concern for my well-being or the thousands of veterans the site helps. So let that sink in.

To the person who did this – That which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.


HadIt.com continues…

Author: Tbird


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