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Hello Everyone

Just thought I’d give y’all an update on my wife health.

She seen the surgeon yesterday, her recommendation was to have another drain tube installed to help the other two that she has now,(to help speed up the draining of the infection) although she said the drain lines are doing what they are supposed to do , its a slow slow process draining out the gangrene infection  and its still has to much infection to do the surgery, it needs to drain out more.

so she was placed on a low fat diet (she can eat real food now)  unless it hurts her lower stomach /gallbladder area) the antibiotics are working  but like the Dr said its a slow process due to the gangrene infection  and its in her blood system  ,so they rely on the antibiotics for that…and the drain tubes.

she is talking now and recognizes people and still in her right mind thank God, So after yesterday seeing the surgeon  the Dr said she was slowly showing improvement  but she wants to keep her in the Hospital for the care she been getting and add that extra drain tube and will see how she is in 2 more weeks. (the Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital  are wonderful  we could not got any better  people…so were forever thankful for them.  they help her and bend over backwards  and do things that is not really a part of their jobs. (God Intervention)

  The Dr said this might have to take another 4/5 weeks   it maybe Mid September before they can do the surgery , but will try before that  depends on how the infection is?  Because..right now there’s just to much infection to do the surgery and it has a high risk…vs taking the conserved approach   which we elected to do,  the Dr Agreed.

I wanted to Thank Everyone  each and everyone of you that sent prayers for my wife (Brenda) we both know they do work and I believe she had a miracle …because there at one time the Dr mention to the family be prepared for the worse  but now she is not having the pain she did have   she still has some but she can tolerate it much better, she is able to talk and ask for things and they start rehab on her today,    she has not got up out that bed now going on 4 weeks straight,,she to weak to walk but there going to work on that.

I feel so much better now and need to take care of some business and pick up around the house , my son and daughter law has been bringing me over a plate of food in the evenings.

So please keep those prayers coming  she is not out of the woods just yet….. God Is Good Everyone.

We both Thank all of you for your prayers and compassion, we won’t never forget that.

I will return to hadit as soon as I can,,,I need to work on a CUE for EED myself…after an audit letter was sent to me and they could not go back to the dates I requested back to 1998 to present) said they don’t have the records that go back that far.(1998).which is a blatant lie  I have them in my C-file back to 1998..in turn they said I was not due any retro  and the retro that was paid to me was correct.

its not correct and now have to file a CUE.  I am not so sure we can appeal an audit of our claims?

God Bless Everyone here on Hadit and your Family’s.

Stay Safe and Well Everyone.

Buck & Brenda